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Pedal to the Medal

Don’t make Excuses and much less point your finger at someone. Learn to Believe in yourself even more by trusting others equally. If along the way you are faced with unexpected difficulties, do not give up before consulting here the best suggestions to increase Resilience. Do not get distracted by looking sideways. Focus on the road. Focus is everything! Do not miss anything! However, it is important to know where you are going, choosing the right direction to take, formulating Objectives appropriately. Then embrace them with optimism and even in the steepest climbs, see the Positive side, valuing your strengths. Alone, the climb can become inglorious, get a Team and cross the finish line hand in hand. When the whole is strong, the individual stands out... The legs will be the engine of the action, but it is the head that will give you Determination and will trigger the levels of motivation. You can park under a shade and enjoy the landscape or speed up to finish the stage quickly; use your Autonomy while enjoying the trip. Show your ability to aggregate those who go with you, inspiring them with the radiance of hope; this way, you will find yourself in a place of Leadership.



"The art of educating in a fun way is a rare talent. In this book we have it all!"

Adrien Bridge

Taylor's CEO

“I would like to thank you for one of the most emphatic, attention holding and poignant speeches we have ever heard. A company with an audience diverse as ours is a very tall order and you captured it brilliantly. The art of education whilst entertaining is a rare talent. Each and every one of us left the room feeling totally energised.”

Adrian Bridge

Taylor’s CEO

"Jorge is the art of soulful storytelling."

Pedro Abrunhosa

Singer, Musician and Author

"A magical book capable of inspiring champions. Thank you!"

Abel Ferreira

Football Coach

"A tonic for enthusiasm that confers immunity against demotivation."

Paulo Teixeira

Geral Pfizer Portugal Director

"With this absolutely genius book, we are one step closer to victory!"

Paulo Fonseca

Football Coach

"Essential reading for anyone who wants to Pedal to the Top."

Mário Ferreira

Pluris Investments CEO

"A stage of emotions, delightful language and baffling humour."

Teresa Guilherme

Television Presenter

"Of remarkable utility. Always have this book at hand!

Carlos Carvalhal

Football Coach

"Here, science and practice have come together in a formidable synthesis. I highly recommend it!"

Luís Menezes

Unilabs Portugal CEO

"An itinerary for change towards excellence. Very different from the traditional!"

Álvaro Cruz

Head of Sales da EDP Comercial

"Fundamental to managing people and achieving success through effective leadership."

António Bico

Zurich Insurance CEO

"An incredible journey through the main competencies that promote high performance."

Carla Gomes

HR Manager da Bosch


The Turning of the Page


The Story Tailor

Professor Jorge Sequeira

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Upon consultation, it is possible to print a special edition with your company logo and a custom preface, among other alternatives. The ideal offer to strengthen the brand and perpetuate the message of your convention or meeting.